The Effects Of Reading Literature On Children 's Reading Habits

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In today 's ever changing world, literature plays a significant role. Literature is poems and fiction novels, additionally anything written by a creditable source from which we can learn information. Reading literature has many benefits, which affect us in our education, career choices, social life, and culture, with an added value of growing imagination and critical thinking skills.
My mother reading to me from a young age instilled stupendous affection for books and literature, supplementing a fascination with reading starting at the age of five, that grew stronger as I got older. Statistics prove that strong reading skills can translate to higher academic achievements, proportionately higher earnings, and better-fulfilled personal life. The outcomes of not reading are opposite: inadequate readers are less likely to achieve career advancements, and have an even higher probability of imprisonment. A recent report published by NEA shows a significant decline in young people 's reading habits (Burriesci 1). Interestingly, the effects have impact in more ways than is easily perceived.
As we know, child education mostly starts in schools. Looking at current results, it becomes more apparent that public schools in USA are failing. Among world tests conducted, American kids are never the top performer, despite our federal government spending an enormous amount of money per child on education (Chappell). As the curriculum of schools is changing, so are the habits of young pupils:…

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