The Effects Of Radiation On Patients With Pgc Undergoing Xrt Essays

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Radiation is known to damage the parotid glands and surrounding tissues, resulting in various toxicities which can lead to a functional decline in swallowing. The current study examined the incidence, nature and severity of treatment-related toxicities in patients with PGC undergoing XRT and found a trend of acute toxicities and swallowing difficulties that deteriorated throughout the course of XRT and peaking at the end of the treatment. Whilst this pattern of toxicity presentation and recovery is similar to other HNC groups, the severity of toxicities presenting in this clinical group was much lower, with few patients having any persistent difficulties at 3 months post treatment. The current information can be used to develop models of care that can detect the subgroup of individuals who are experiencing difficulties, and ensure SLP services are available at the appropriate times for these patients.

While incidence and severity of treatment-related toxicities were minimal among the PGC population, the maximal incidence data revealed pharyngeal mucositis, dysgeusia, xerostomia and dysphagia occurred to Grade 2 severity in more than 25% of the cohort. This finding is consistent with the main toxicities previously reported to occur in this clinical group (Al-Mamgani et al., 2012a; Al-Mamgani et al., 2012b). Many authors have found xerostomia and mucositis to be the most common complications arising from XRT in the PGC population (Al-Mamgani et al., 2012a; Al-Mamgani et al.,…

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