The Effects Of Racism In The African-American Community

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Today, it is certainly normal for conflict and issues too frequently surface in our communities. In the African-American community the rise in disputes and issues have severely emerged. In our modern and past societies, the African-American community is consistently receiving hatred, detestation, and revulsion. According to the media, the African-American community has a wide array of imperfections and is miserably collapsing, which I wholly refute. The belief that all members of the black community possess certain characteristics is prejudice towards the community. The record of wrong doings done to African-Americans throughout our U.S. history is wide-ranging and truly disturbing. The Civil Rights movement embraced social movements intended …show more content…
The term culture is defined as “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization.” Cultural oppression can also be known as “cultural imperialism” or “racial oppression.” Racism is socialized and the process of teaching individuals that they are inherently lesser than a mainstream culture and is perceived as a process of oppression. The process of oppression is “expressed through what some refer to as Eurocentric domination, that is, through the imposition and universalization of the diverse yet distinctive interpretative frameworks of European Americans.” (Schiele, 2005) Realistically, African-American communities do not have the greatest presence of affirmative action. The term affirmative action can be defined as “special considerations for minorities in terms of employment, education, and equal opportunity.” Affirmative action tends to be a conversational topic primarily for African-Americans, but non-oppressed individual would not completely understand because they are privileged. The existence of cultural oppression negatively affects communities of African-Americans, which is a factor in the high percentages of brutality, exploitation, and marginalization that African-Americans cultures repeatedly

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