The Effects Of Racism And Ethnicity In Education

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Racism and ethnicity continue to affect the sector of education in most parts of the world. It influences adults and children experiences in education in all levels and in various ways. These include professional employment, academic performance, parental involvement, social interactions, assessment issues, and curriculum development. The terms racism and ethnicity are recognized as problematic and are created socially. Many people fail to recognize that racism is a perception about the color of the skin and traditions of a particular group of people. Racism and ethnicity exist in quite blatant and subtle forms. They usually lead to negative consequences for the group that does not belong to the dominant culture. The contemporary
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They also get less attention from the veteran teachers as compared to their White peers. The rate of expulsion and suspension from school among the students belonging to the minority groups is three times higher than that of the dominant ethnic groups in Baltimore. A survey that was carried between 2011 and 2012 indicated that only five percent of the white students were suspended from the institution of learning compared to the 16 percent of the students from the minority groups (Pietila54). This level of racial and ethnic discrimination in the learning institutions lowers the quality of education and consequently affects the performance of the students belonging to the segregated ethnic group or race. In such institutions, the minority students do not get services from fully trained and experienced teachers who work in crowded classrooms in public schools (Taylor 44). The schools have a high suspension rate, high dropout rate, and the students report the fear of being harmed or attacked even when at school because they are usually build near high-poverty neighborhoods. Ethnicity and racial segregation among the minority groups in the education sectors have intensified because of the neighborhood segregation. As a result, the students perform poorly at school and it is extremely difficult for them to secure decent jobs or join reputable …show more content…
The existing legislations need to be adjusted to deal with institutional ethnicity and racism. This can be done by scraping off all the subjects or topics that inform the students about ethnicity. Over time, the leadership of the Baltimore city has been trying to deal with the issues of racism and ethnicity in the education sector. However, these efforts have had little impact. To deal with ethnicity and racism in the education system in Baltimore, it is necessary to recognize the major disparities within the school. Leaders should be aware that the disparities are caused by institutional racism, which is caused by the education system (Bush and Diana 94).In this case, even when a person tries to observe equality and fairness, the chances of racial discrimination occurring is very high. Institutional racism has a devastating impact because it affects more people than personal

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