The Effects Of Probiotics On The Gi Function Essay

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Hypothesis: Probiotic use is promising on the GI function The purpose of this study is to find the efficacy of probiotics have a beneficial effect on GI symptoms. Probiotics help improve gut health by aiding in GI function thus reducing common GI symptoms. The effectiveness of probiotics is vital information that can be used to make the most appropriate recommendation for patients with GI issues. Literature Review
Article 1
In article 1, the researchers examined if probiotics reduced the symptoms associated with (AAD). Results from a meta-analyses study showed that probiotics produce a relative risk reduction of 44-77% for antibiotic associated diarrhea and 41-71% for C. diff. To further understand the effect of a specific combination of probiotic strains a further study was conducted at a hospital where a low dose, high dose, and placebo was used on both female and male patients of 30-70 years of age on antibiotic therapy treatments. Incidence rate for C. diff in patients within the placebo group was 4.8% and the lower and higher doses a 1.8%. In addition, the low dose group had a higher rate of AAD compared to the higher dose group. There was no significant difference between the low dose and placebo group for AAD incidence. Furthermore, the duration of diarrhea in the placebo group was 5.4 days, in the high dose group 2.6 and the low dose group was 3.5 days. Bloating was reduced in the high dose group when compared to the placebo and the low dose group. A higher…

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