Essay on The Effects Of Pregnancy On Teen Pregnancy

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Importance of Abstinence
Pregnancy could be a shocking thing, especially if unintended and at a young age. Throughout history, many parents have been shocked from their daughters being pregnant at a very young age. Teen pregnancy is a life-changing situation and has ruptured many teens’ lives. Today’s youth love to be in a relationship and feel that the best way to express their feelings toward one another is through intimacy. Most of them realized the unwanted effects of a sexual intercourse and, therefore, they rely on contraceptives to prevent an unplanned teen pregnancy. However, according to statistics most contraceptives only have a success rate of 75% against an unplanned teen pregnancy (“Teen Pregnancy and Parenting”). However according to CDCP, pregnancy occurred among 21% of the teens said that they were using a highly effective contraceptives, which the study suggests inconsistent use (Roan). While in the past few years, teen pregnancy has steadily decline but it is still a major problem that society deals with every year. United States has the highest teenage pregnancy rate of any Western nation, with approximately 800,000 girls under the age of 20 giving birth each year (“Trends on Teen Pregnancy”). What steps could be taken to prevent such cases? The only safe and guaranteed way to prevent an unplanned teen pregnancy is abstinence (Huber).
First of all, teengers should pratice abstinence because it reduces emotional and mental risks that come along with…

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