The Effects Of Poverty On Teaching And Learning Essay

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The video “Monarch’s Stephen Keiley supported this statement ““A good education is often the only means of breaking the cycle of poverty for poor children” (, 2016). Children’s socioeconomic status, can negatively impact their social, emotional, and educational wellbeing; therefore, the education they receive is the key to success. Educators carry the responsibility to identify the child in need, in order to help educate the student and their families, by providing them the hope, guidance, and structure needed in order to meet their unique needs. Mr. Keiley’s student is the perfect example, despite her living conditions, she was an amazing student; she was given the proper support in school, and with her “I will do my best attitude” she exceled in her studies.
This young girl’s academic achievement, may not correlate with all homeless children, as per many are face with daily challenges, that affect their performance at school. According to the article “The Effects of Poverty on Teaching and Learning” children raised in poverty, will most likely suffer from emotional, social, cognitive, health and safety issues; creating a negative impact on their academic and social success (, 2016).
As a classroom teacher, it is vital to identify and understand homeless children, as well connect with their families, to help the student enhance their growth and developmental needs. I would definitely focus on the child’s social, emotional, academic, and life…

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