The Effects Of Poverty On Brain Size And Learning Capacity Essay

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While it is generally believed that poor academic performance results in a life of poverty, recent scientific findings suggest the inverse: A childhood of poverty results in decreased brain size and learning capacity (Noble, 2015). In her commentary in The Chicago Tribune, Noble attempts to convey the findings of her research on the effects of poverty on brain size to the general public. She also calls her audience to action. While Noble makes effective use of strategies such as comparison and analysis, her article could have been improved for her audience through the incorporation of graphics.

Adapting Strategies in The Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Tribune is the most widely-read newspaper in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area and touts itself as “Chicago’s #1 source for trusted news and information” (Chicago Tribune Media Group, 2015, p. 9). As a news publication, The Chicago Tribune aims to quickly and accurately report current events to its readers. Though the advent of the Internet and other technologies have reduced the popularity of printed news sources in general, The Chicago Tribune still maintains a large following. This newspaper caters to several distinct groups of people, ranging from Hispanics to suburban boomers to teenagers (Chicago Tribune Media Group, 2015, p. 5). Thanks to this fact, articles published in The Chicago Tribune are able to reach a wide variety of people who come from different backgrounds, making it an ideal source for appealing to…

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