The Effects Of Poverty In Africa

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Poverty is the number one cause of death in Africa. It single-handedly kills millions of people every year, and has tormented Africa since their emergence. The majority of these deaths are due to the absence of things that are taken for granted in most developed nations such as a dependable infrastructure, immunizations, and water. The whole continent got off on the wrong foot, and they have never recovered since. Until this situation is resolved, countless people will continue to die from avoidable causes such as diseases or lack of shelter. Africa has arrived at its current, unstable state due to its history, and their infrastructure, overall health, and children have been greatly affected.
Africa’s history has brought the continent to
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The vast majority of the continent is stuck in an endless loop in terms of education. Due to poverty, many children cannot go to school. When children are unable to obtain an education, they are only worsening the issue of poverty. An estimated 17 million of Africa’s 128 million children do not attend school, and another 37 million children learn so little that they might as well have not gone to school (Van Fleet). This proves that public education in Africa must be taken care of, as investing in children is investing in the future. Kevin Watkins, Executive Director of the Overseas Development Institute commented on education, saying, “The ultimate aim of any education system is to equip children with the numeracy, literacy and wider skills that they need to realize their potential- and that their countries need to generate jobs, innovation, and economic growth” (Van Fleet). This reinstates that education must be funded to get the ball rolling for Africa’s economy. As a result of the lack of education and abundance of poverty, many children in Africa are forced to partake in child labor to help support their families. About 59 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa aged five to seventeen are engaged in child labor, and 29 million partake in hazardous work (“Sub Saharan Africa”). These children are putting their lives on the line when they should be obtaining an education. Under the …show more content…
If Africa can overcome its past, fixes for other problems will come down the road. The entire continent has been hindered by their infrastructure, and if issues such as lack of water and electricity are resolved its people will reap the benefits. Africa is very far behind on various health issues. Diseases that have been cured for decades such as malaria have killed countless African citizens, and these problems can be cured through the implementation of immunizations. An unbelievable amount of children in Africa are in dire situations. Many are deprived of proper education, and must take on life-threatening jobs in order to help put food on the table. Some others are trafficked and taken away from their families forever. Although the damage may seem irreparable, Africa can be lifted out of poverty if these issues are

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