The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress On The Brain Injury Essay

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Concussions due to head or neck injuries are somewhat common in athletics, in some instances these type of injuries can be misdiagnosed as post-traumatic stress syndrome, or PTSD in military personnel, due to the similarity of its symptoms. For the most part, many individuals’ means of damaging their cell to cell communication pathways, are due to common accidents. Research shows that damage to neurons, specifically glial cells could possibly be related to the long term effects of traumatic brain injuries; or TBI. Most individuals with mild injuries recover without incident, however a subgroup of people develop persistent post-concussive symptoms which often include headaches. Such post-traumatic headaches vary in exhibition and may progress to become chronic and in some cases debilitating. Leading some individuals to the take their own lives to relieve their symptoms. There is little known of the pathogenesis of post-traumatic headaches, nevertheless shared pathophysiology with that of the brain injury is suspected.
By first visualizing the injury at the molecular level, one can begin to understand how a shocking change of environment in these highly functional cells could likely result in prolonged side effects associated with brain injuries. According to Reece (2014), the brain consists of many neurons, which are supported and outnumbered by glial cells. Neurons carry out integration from the central nervous system or CNS, meanwhile those relaying information in and out…

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