The Effects Of Post Colonial Rule On Aboriginal Society Essay

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One reason as to why post colonial rule is still affecting Aboriginal society is by observing the residential school system which continues to have tremendous negative effects on Aboriginal society. To understand how the residential school system has affected today’s Aboriginal society we must observe the harsh conditions many Aboriginal children experienced while in residential schools and link that to why crime rates and incarceration is higher in Aboriginal society then in the rest of Canada. The European settlers who colonized Canada and with the help of the Catholic church created the IRS system to systematically destroy the Aboriginal culture by coercive practices (MacDonald 2014: 308-309). The IRS system was set up by European settlers to “strip the native from the child” because they believed that Aboriginals were savages and needed to be converted to Protestant belief in order to become civilized, they did this by kidnapping Aboriginal children from their families and using Shognosh priests to assimilate Aboriginal children into the Eurocentric tradition and culture (ibid 311). The IRS system is deemed by the UN Genocide Convention (UNGC) as cultural genocide because the purpose of the IRS system was to destroy the Aboriginal culture and install a Eurocentric view into the minds of Aboriginal children (ibid 311). During the period of 1880-1990 abuse, rape, maltreatment, and even death were frequently happening in the IRS system (ibid 307). In May 2015, the Supreme…

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