The Effects Of Pornography On The Public Eye With The State Of Utah Declaring It A Public Health Crisis

1260 Words Sep 24th, 2016 6 Pages
Within the past month, the topic of pornography has come into the public eye with the state of Utah declaring it a public health crisis. For some this came as a shock and offense but to me it was only a matter of time. I have experienced first hand the effects of how pornography use before and sporadically during a relationship negatively affects the relationship. From this I can tell you that when I knew my significant other had viewed porn it hurt me, my self-esteem, my sense of security, and I even led me to question my worth. In recent years more people like me and my significant other have come forward with similar stories. As well as research has been done that links use of pornography to things like decreased satisfaction in relationships, depression, and has been known to be linked occasionally to sex trafficking. Between experiencing the effects of someone who is close to me and his or her use of pornography and research that points to its harmful effects, I have concluded that the use of pornography is harmful not only to an individual but their existing relationships, future relationships, and the world. A hot topic in the field of psychology and neurology has been the discovery of neuroplasticity, which is a fancy term to say the brain has the ability to change itself over time due to repeated exposure to a stimulus. One such stimulus is a neurotransmitter and one neurotransmitter that many people are familiar with is dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical…

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