The Effects Of Pop Culture On Society Essay

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Pop culture has become an idea that is wildly popular across the globe. Societies everywhere have been evolving to worship pop culture and the people it involves. Without even knowing it, entire people groups get sucked into the way of life offered by this culture, and they have grown to be dependent upon the information it feeds them. They often fall like a victim to the ideals and morals afforded by popular books, movies, and several other areas of pop culture. Sometimes, these reflected morals can have positive effects and influence culture for the better. However, there are many areas of influence that point the culture of today to a more negative society. Differentiating between the good and the bad can be difficult- especially if one is unaware of the effects being left on their life. If one was to sit down in order to compare and contrast the concepts that reappear across several areas of pop culture, they might be very surprised at the impacts they are leaving. A prime example of this would be the role women play in the different areas of pop culture. Although this has become an increasingly popular topic, women still do not get the credit they deserve from most cultural aspects. Although men and women are legally equal, evidence shows that women have an unbalanced value compared to men in many areas of pop culture. Movies have been extremely influential in twisting the way women are viewed. In the culture of today, strong men who swoop in and save the day dictate…

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