The Effects Of Pollution On The Environment Essay

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Power of Pollution
Everybody knows that there are many different types of pollution, but what people don’t know is how it’s affecting their environment, and themselves. Researchers tend to focus on the types of pollution: air, environmental, sound, light and many more, but not on who and how it affects them. Not only does pollution affect animals and the environment, but it affects humans too. While limitations are put on how much pollution companies are allowed to emit out into the atmosphere, many Americans, mainly minorities, are still being hospitalized and diagnosed with deformities caused by pollution. Pollution needs more regulation before the damage in the United States can not be reversed.
Animals and humans have always been able to coexist, but as human beings made their way up to the top of the food chain, the probability of survival for animals began to decrease. Not only is this because people need more space, but it is because they are careless as to how they enact their lives. An example of this would be the contamination of soil that prevents natural growth and balance in the land, known as soil and land pollution, which can be enforced in many ways. Hazardous waste/sewage spills, and household dumping/throwing out garbage are used as an attempt to keep a clean environment for Americans, but we only contaminate the environment of animals instead of our own. As a way to create more space for people, we have been taking away animals natural habitats. What…

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