The Effects Of Pollution On Our Environment Essay

1523 Words Dec 18th, 2015 7 Pages
People may hear the topic ‘pollution’ come up in their daily conversations and wonder, ‘what is pollution?’ Pollution is the introduction of poisonous substances into our environment to sabotage it. Pollution is found in every crevasse of Earth. From the air we breath, to the water we drink, to the land that we walk and live on today. Therefore, it is a huge concern in today’s society because of all the instability that it has been causing our Earth’s land and our human bodies. Each and every day our economy is growing and our world is becoming more advanced. With that going on, it’s leading to more factories for our products to be made in, and more cars are being made which is leading to more dangerous fumes being released into our atmosphere. Sadly, it goes down to anything as little as the Hairspray that we use in the morning before we leave our house. Those are just a few of the simple things that we use every day without knowing the impairment that it really is doing to our planet Earth. But, there are way more problematic devices than you don’t even know about and they affect every area on Earth just as badly. Even though it is hard to put a complete end to pollution because some of the things that are causing the pollution are needed in order for our world to strive, we still need to take in consideration the harming of our environment, therefore, we should try to reduce it because it’s killing plants, contaminating water sources, and it’s harming living organisms.…

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