The Effects Of Pollution On Our Environment Essay

893 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Intro: Did you know that United States uses 25 % of the world 's natural resources, but produces 30% of the world 's waste? And that garbage dumped into the ocean each year equals to about 14 billion pounds? Our world is developing more and more everyday, making life easier for humans. While this is great, our environment is affected everyday by our human footprints, and the way we live. It is the main cause of pollution, and a huge issue to us as humans, and the environment around us. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “Many of the activities and products that make modern human life possible are polluting the world. Even places that are relatively untouched by 21st-century developments experience the effects of pollution”. Humans activities of globalization and industrialization, and a rapid increase of technology, is destroying our environment. We may not even know, but we are all creating problems for the environment. Some of biggest types of pollution in our world is land, water, and air. The long term effects of these will be devastating.

Body: Paragraph 1: water covers 70% of our planet, which makes it a very big part of our everyday lives. Our rivers lakes and oceans make up the homes for millions of animals. Water pollution has become such a big problem in the world, and as much as being done to help it, it continues to increase. One of the main issues of water pollution is trash, Each year, 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the oceans. This…

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