The Effects Of Playing Sports On College Students Essays

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Have you seen a movie based off a high school? High school is definitely not as the movie make it seem. There is one thing the movie and the reality of high school have in common though and that is having cliques. It can be hard for students to find a group that they belong to. High schools have extracurricular activities to try to solve this problem. The high school encourages the student to take part in this peculiar activity due to the benefits and it looks good on the college application. This activity can help student learns about life lessons because they can actually experience it. It can also make it easier for the students to make friends and it’s a productive way for the students to reduce their stress. This activity is playing sports. Playing sports helps high school students learn life lessons, make friends, and it’s a good way to reduce stress. Life lessons can be learned when participating in a sport . My coach once told me, “The most valuable life lessons in life cannot be taught, they must be experienced.” At first, I didn’t understand what she was saying until the last volleyball game of the season against our biggest rival, the Taft Greyhounds. I told myself that my goals were to get all my serves in and pass the balls right to the setter. As soon as the game began, both sides of the stands were roaring with excitement. I could feel my nerves tingling like being tickled with small feathers. At that moment, number five served the ball toward me. I…

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