The Effects Of Plastic Debris On Seabirds And How It Effects The Environment

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Hello everyone, I am Charmaine Sultana and welcome and thank you for your interest in my presentation of the effects of plastic debris has on seabirds and how it effects the environment.
Brief Concerns
Plastic is almost everywhere in our everyday lives. It has become a convenient commodity which is used every day, from storage containers and packaging to plastic bag to take home our goods. Gopal, Phebe, Kumar and Vani (2014) refer to plastic as being inexpensive and overused, hence polluting the environment. United Nations Environment Program [UNEP] also estimate that in 1997 10 percent of plastic that is produced globally enter the ocean, and if this trend continues by 2015 there will be approximately 30 million tons of plastic debris that will find its way into the ocean and pollute the marine environment (as cited in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program [NOAA], 2014, p.3 )
Inquiring the effects plastic has on seabirds came about from observing my children’s throw away tendencies by investigating my recycle bin. I found besides paper that plastic was the majority items being thrown away in our household. This leaded my thoughts to where does all the plastics end up and what effects it has on our environment.

My initial search just to obtain idea and information was to use the Google search engine using key words such as;
• Plastic effects on the environment
• Plastic effect on sustainability
• Plastic effect on biodiversity…

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