The Effects Of Pictures On Young Adults Essay

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This article by Smith et al., 2015, tests how pictures can have an effect on false memories especially in older adults. The researchers were interested in why pictures can decrease false memories in older adults but why visual words do not decrease false memories in older adults as they do in younger adults. In this study there were two experiments with both older and young adults. The first experiment tests whether young adults would have higher false recall being presented with sounds of words rather than being presented with a visual list of words, and whether there will be no difference in false recall for older adults being presented with a visual list of words rather than the sounds. In the second experiment tests whether there is an age difference in encoding. It is predicted that older adults will not benefit from the visual word presentation because they don’t have the same capability to encode and or retrieval perceptual information associated with words as young adults. However older adults benefit from picture presentation because their able to use their visual sensory processing in encoding pictures. In the first experiment was comprised of 140 young adults ages from 17 to 29 and 106 older adults ages 60 to 88. In both experiments, participants were randomly assigned to either the auditory condition, the auditory and visual condition, or the auditory and picture condition. Six Deese/Roediger-McDermott (DRM) list taken from Israel and Schacter (1997) that…

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