The Effects Of Physical And Mental Growth During Youth Stages

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The development of a child is dependent on many factors around them. Two major impacts on the physical and mental growth during youth stages are parental and celebrity influences. Although there are many differences between these two sources of influence on today’s youth, they can both have positive as well as negative effects. The three main ways parents and celebrities influence children and adolescents is through lifestyle choices, habits, and appearances.
It is the responsibility of parents to teach and show their children how to function properly in this complicated world. The parental guidance, or lack thereof, can have long-lasting effects; whether these effects are positive or negative are strongly dependent on the parents. Children are more likely to eat healthy and exercise like their parents, as opposed to children of parents that eat unhealthy and do not participate in physical activity. These children are more likely to follow in their parents unhealthy footsteps. Parents need to be aware of how susceptible children are to picking up their habits, good and bad. Children of parents who smoke and drink are more likely to become smokers and drinking themselves. In contrast, children of parents who demonstrate hard working habits tend to develop a strong work ethic themselves. In addition to habits, children also look to their parents for an example of how to present themselves. When a child has a parent that appears in a professional manner, they in turn try to…

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