Essay The Effects Of Physical Activity On Children

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Physical Activity
Physical activity is any movement that a person makes using the muscles in their body. It requires the person to do energetic physical activities such as running, walking, dancing, swimming, and riding a bicycle. The importance of physical activity is everywhere it teaches teamwork, how to deal with emotions, how to combine healthy eating with physical activity, it can help teach other classroom subjects, also a stronger immune system, the body 's ability to fight disease is improved, children are also less likely to caught colds, allergies, and diseases. A cold is pass down easily to the child because he or she does not exercise or eats properly. Also the germs attack the most vulnerable children. The disease that could is most common in children is cancer and diabetes type two.
The children can improve their health by increasing insulin in their body and improving the carbohydrate that the metabolism has to break down. In addition the community could enforce physical activities at home, and schools but make the exercises interesting this way the children could interact with the people around them. The people around the children can be influential to the child. For example, if the parents only eat high saturated foods and avoid exercising the child will be do the same. The teacher has to influence both parents and child to keep an active life. A positive influence in a child 's life will lead to positive results.Children who often refuse to exercise is…

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