Essay on The Effects Of Pesticides On The Environment

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Toxic pesticides are commonly used throughout the world to rid gardens and large scale farms of pests that will damage their produce. Farmers spread pesticides by planes either in a form of spray or dust, but as a result, the particles often “drift” or spread through the air after applied to the crops. This drift is simply defined as the unintentional airborne movement of chemicals to a non-target area. It is proven that 95%-98% of applied pesticides miss their target, reaching nearby people and wildlife, waterways, soil and air (Miller GT). These toxic clouds are carried by the wind and deposited in places such as nearby homes, schools, and playgrounds. This makes it very easy for the chemicals to be ingested by people around the contaminated areas, which in turn causes various health problems.
Pesticides are the only toxic substances intentionally released into the environment to kill living things. Because they are not meant for human consumption, people become ill from ingesting them and are prone to develop chronic diseases or even die. According to the EPA, pesticides cause acute poisonings, cancer, endocrine disruption, developmental effects, and reproductive effects. Pesticide drift is not only affecting humans, but takes a toll on the earth’s environment by contaminating bodies of water and killing wildlife and plants. Due to unpredictable weather factors, they may also drift to neighboring crops. When organic farms are nearby, the drift can travel and contaminate…

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