The Effects Of Parents Pressure To Failure On Students

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Within the last decade, there has been a rapid increase in requirements for students to graduate and get accepted into good colleges. In fact, Stanford, a well-known private college, has dropped its acceptance rate by nearly eight percent since 2004. With these new painstaking requisites, students have recently become pressured to succeed within their classes as well as compete with their peers for superiority. Oftentimes, this pressure stems from parents who want their children to apply to selective colleges without fear of being rejected. Although these parents naturally put pressure on their children because they want the best for their children, students do not always cope with the pressure well. Some even resort to extremes by breaking …show more content…
The rules and morals parents teach their children during childhood often remain with people for the rest of their lives; therefore, it is necessary that children are brought up during their teenage years with a correct sense of right and wrong. If parents place a large amount of pressure on their offspring to succeed in school and become superior to their peers, it is likely that their child will resort to unethical methods in order to cope with the pressure and feel more confident in their abilities to succeed. However, it must be recognized by students that cheating is not ultimately beneficial, and it is often more rewarding to succeed from true dedication and interest in a certain subject. Failure to realize that grades do not define people can cause a student to focus on unimportant aspects of their life. Students should simply put effort into and appreciate their work in order to learn—not for a certain grade they wish to see written at the top of their paper. Teaching children these values will eventually benefit a society as a whole since the society will consist of more people that are confident in their abilities and are willing to contribute to their

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