The Effects Of Parental Pressure On Student Athletics Essay

2204 Words Jan 5th, 2016 null Page
Ever have parents yelling from the sidelines or through the fence during one of your best games? Many parents want their kids to succeed, but push them too hard and too much. Some parents don’t realize is that they are actually harming their kids not helping, parents think it’s support but kids think it’s pressure. Parental pressure does affect student athletics because some feel like failures others get burnout by the time high school ends and even college. Parental pressure is why many kids don’t play anymore. According to Hyman, “Researchers at Michigan State University have studied the attrition rates among youth athletes: 70 percent drop out by age 13 ” (Hyman). Parents don’t think we do our best, but we really do. Trying your best isn’t the only thing you can do, but “Just because we don’t succeed on the field doesn’t mean we’re not doing our best we can. Remember it’s supposed to be fun” (Wolff and Groehner). Sports are supposed to be fun for everyone, but sometimes they can be taken too far. Sports are to be fun and win every now and then but, that’s not what it’s all about “ Winning was just one of 81 determinants that makes playing sports enjoyable for children, and it was rated 48th, which means that there are 47 more important things that children, coaches, parents and league administrators should be focusing on, said Amanda Visek, lead author of the study and associate professor of sports psychology at George Washington University in Washington” (Coaching…

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