The Effects Of Parental Marital Status On High School Graduation

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Every year, thousands of American children’s parents go through a divorce. Divorce hurts everyone involved, but most of the damage is inflicted on the children and can even put their lives at risk. Though it has been shown to help some individuals in a miniscule amount of individual cases, over the large scale of available cases it causes a decrease in the individuals’ quality of life. The changes and effects can scale anywhere from almost nonexistent to obviously viewable. They can develop problems academically, socially and psychologically.

The effects of divorce extend not only between the former spouses but also to their children. According to Gary Sandefur in his article “The Effects of Parental Marital Status During Adolescence on High School Graduation” academically the chances of children whose parents went through a divorce that got a high school diploma dropped by 20.7 percentage points. But, the chances that the student would get a GED increased by 1.7 percentage points. He continues to explain that the graduation itself was not exclusively affected, but also that the grades and performance of those children also significantly dropped in many areas including, but not limited to, math and English. The effects of which also carried over into the acceptance into a college or university.

Divorce also affects the child socially. The effects can manifest in any number and manner of ways. For example, due to the lack of a second parental figure the maturity of the…

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