The Effects Of Parental Involvement On Children 's Education Essay example

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Students with families involved in their academics are more likely to graduate and succeed in life. Thus, families actively involved in their childs education give endless amounts of support to them. If this can create nothing but positive outcomes, why is this an issue today? Although there may be many challenges with keeping families associated in their children 's education, parental involvement is valuable to students by being a main source of guidance for children, leading students to being academically successful, and improving their child 's overall behavior towards education. Family involvement in education is frequently encouraged within schools but there are some lack of the action being made by parents. Some parents are busy, some are unaware of the opportunities offered; regardless there are many means at schools that are open to including parents in their childs education. Parents are their children 's first teachers. They teach them how to walk, talk, and basically live. Therefore, parents are who children look to for guidance, so when they are involved in the school, naturally the child will most-likely follow and become more interested in their own education. Families contribute to the success of a students academics. No matter what race, economic class, or what the highest parental education level is; encouragement will always lead to achievement. Through personal experience, I had a first-hand look at how the involvement of parents in education positively…

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