The Effects Of Parental Divorce On Children Essay

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The impact on children.
Divorce affects many members of the family, including children. Statistics show that annually more than one million children will go through the process of divorce within their family per year (Bing, Nelson & Wesolowski, 2009). The study reported that 40% of all children will experience parental divorce during their lifetimes (Arkes, 2013). This study illustrates that there are numerous consequences of parental divorce on children. When compared to children from non-divorce households, children from divorced families have more stressful relationships with other members of the family, poorer academic performance in school, and delayed psychological development (Cartwright, 2008). Additional research found children from divorced households continually score lower than children from non-divorce families on seven measures of academic achievement, psychological adjustment, social relationships, parental relationships, and self-concept (Amato, 2001). Additionally, children of divorce have more anxious, sad, lonely, and angry feelings than children from non-divorce families (Storksen, Arstad-Thorsen, Overland, & Brown, 2012). Other studies have shown parental divorce has a lasting impact on children’s attitudes and behaviors about sex (Jeynes, 2011). Additional research has shown children who experienced parental divorce were 50% more likely to experience an increase in health problems than children from parents who were still together (Utz, 2012). With the…

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