The Effects Of Paranormal Activity Within Hill House On People For A Summer

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After living in her world of darkness, Eleanor accepts Dr. Montague’s invitation to study the effects of paranormal activity within Hill House on people for a summer. Although Eleanor’s feeling is conflicted by the death of her mother, she is extremely contented with the fact that she is freed from her imprisoned life. It is time for self-discovery. As she approaches Hill House, she excitedly imagines a different her with a different family, in which she would meet many great people and would be enjoying her simple life. Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House incorporates the idea of family into a haunted house. Hill House targets characters who have great desires and weak points. Eleanor, who fits into the description of whom Hill House would target, becomes desperate for a new family that cares for her and gives her the attention she wants. Because she is unwilling to open up to her so-called family, she faces many internal conflicts. Eventually, she becomes attached to the house, thinking it is the only place where she belongs. Hill House seems to provide Eleanor with a perfect image of a family; however, her desire for a family turns into greed that consequently destroys her. Hill House attracts Eleanor because it seems like a lively house that is filled with active people. As characters converse with each other and help one another cope with the dreadful vibes the house gives off, they become closer. They are the only people they can interact with, which…

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