The Effects Of Outdoor Free Play On Children 's Growth And Education

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There are certain types of play that are more likely to lead to unintentional childhood injuries and there are some challenges associated with the prevention of these injuries. Brussoni, M., Olsen, L., Pike, I., and Sleet, D. (2012) suggest that Free play, an activity that all children do in their daily life, has been classified as the importance source of children’s growth and education. Through playing, children are able to learn how to be creative, how to communicate socially and improves their competence physically (Brussoni, M. et al., 2012). However, there are risk that are associated with free play that will challenge the children’s knowledge in managing all sorts of new situation and learning how to overcome the barriers that they might face as they learn new things while playing. Outdoor free play help the children develop their motor abilities and keeps their body healthy because outdoor playing enables the child to run, walk, a think critically that helps their body function normally (Brussoni, M. et al., 2012).

According to Brussoni, M., et al (2012) that the unintentional injuries are the main cause of children’s mortality and the main reason why they are sent into the hospital. Unintentional injuries of children during their outdoor free play may end up into two different result such as major and minor. The major result usually happens in a worst scenario which is death. Hoffnung, M., Hoffnung, R. J., Seifert, K. L., Hine, A., Ward, L., Pausé, C., and Smith,…

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