Essay about The Effects Of Organic Food On Organic Foods

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Organic food is free of manmade additions like antibiotics. Organic produce is simply food radiation. This type of food has become very popular around the world, mostly because they realized grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, modified organisms, or ionizing some of the benefits that come with it.
The sales of organic food have increased as more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits you receive from it. A major benefit is greater antioxidant value which are nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, help prevent many cancers. Another benefit is that it reduces the exposure of pesticides. Organic food also reduces antibiotic exposure, which means it disrupt the normal flora of the human gut.
Surprisingly almost half of America seek out organic foods. 45% actively try to include organic food in their diets. More than a third, 38%, say they “don’t think either way” about organic produce. 15% actively avoid them. People who are in the 45% category will most likely be between 18-29 years old. Although organic food does come with benefits, it can also affect you in the wrong way. Eating organically also means wasting a lot more money on food than before. Organic farming means more labor and more needs for the food to grow well like soil or fertilizer.. Because the demand for organic food is rising the price will eventually decrease. Some organic food also carry pesticides but less than normal food. The organic pesticides are called…

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