The Effects Of Oral Hygiene Products On Children Countries Essay

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One of the main focal points in today’s society is outward beauty, which consists of hair, makeup and most importantly a white smile. In order to achieve a pearly white smile, Americans pay 1.4 billion dollars a year on non-prescription whitening products (Barlow, 2012). Most people believe that oral hygiene products were just recently invented, but historians say that Egyptians were the first people group to create a toothpaste (1teethwhitening, 2010). In early history, people would cut off small sticks form special trees that would clean their teeth. The sticks would be used to remove any particles on the tooth. The trees had cleansing chemicals that helped to maintain healthy teeth (1teethwhitening, 2010). Wine, vinegar, and pulverized pumice was mixed together to get a paste that could be spread on the chew stick. Chew sticks are still used today in underprivileged countries (1teethwhitening, 2010). In 1948, the Chinese introduced the very first toothbrush with bristles. These bristles came from the neck of the Siberian hog. The hair was then stuck into the sticks (normally made of bone or bamboo). When Europeans saw this, they took the idea home with them (1teethwhitening, 2010). Later Louis Pasteur, made known the idea of germs and people questioned if putting animal hair in their mouth was sanitary (1teethwhitening, 2010). The idea of dentist first begun when barbers would pull unhealthy teeth. This evolved into the idea of dentist whitening teeth with nitric acid…

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