The Effects Of Online Courses On Education Essay

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A vast amount of literature compiled after decades of collaborative and independent researches reveals that technology and its associated innovations continue to foster education. This is through augmenting access to a wide gamut of valuable information, enhancing literacy development, and promoting of collaborative project development among students. It is also perceived that technology motivates academic inquisitiveness, shapes tertiary education experience, supports linguistic literacy, and triggers the spirit discovery, among other impacts. In this essay, the main concern is to examine the effects of technology on education, particularly in the spheres of Massive Open Online Courses, digital media in online courses, and video games in education. Along with this, the effects of online courses on education and computer use in writing courses, together with the effects of certain forms of technology on reading habits are discussed.
Potential Effects of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) In Higher Education
One probable impact of MOOCs in higher education is that the number of traditional courses offered in colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning is likely to reduce. As a consequence, the educational landscape in the world is anticipated to be saturated with a mix of disruptive as well as radical impacts. While reductions in lecturer workload and lecture-room congestions are examples of the radical impacts of reduced traditional…

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