The Effects Of Occupational Therapy On Mental Health Care System

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Until today occupational therapy practice is still misunderstood and many still questions its efficacy in mental health. According to the occupational therapist I interviewed, there are still numerous community programs and mental health hospitals that do not have occupational therapy as a component of their treatment services. Limited awareness of occupational therapy benefits becomes a hurdle to those who wants to practice in mental health settings because limited positions are created.

S. 2525: Expand Excellence in Mental Health Act This legislation aims to include all 24 states that may conduct Medicaid demonstration programs to enhance access to community mental health services. This includes expansion of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, which provides evidence-based outpatient mental health and substance use services. By allowing all 24 states that are presently planning to take part in the program, it will reduce the pressure on the country’s jail and emergency rooms. This legislation was read twice and was referred to the Committee on Finance on February 9, 2016. If passed will greatly impact the mental health care system throughout the country. This bill will improve funding for occupational therapists that are practicing or want to practice in mental health because certified clinics have to provide multiple services that will involve OT in settings such as psychiatric rehabilitation, substance use services, and other care across health care…

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