The Effects Of Obesity On The Rates Of Our Health Insurance Premiums

1122 Words Aug 12th, 2015 null Page
At what impact does obesity have on the rates of our health insurance premiums? Obesity is one of the leading causes of morbidity, disability, healthcare utilization, and healthcare costs because it’s a very pervasive, chronic disease (“What is Obesity?”). It is a complex subject that many stereotypically state to be caused by a person’s unhealthy lifestyle choices. However, they do not understand how it may be a result of uncontrollable medical conditions. Nevertheless, people should do their best to minimize the possibility of becoming obese by maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of reasons or excuses. Society should play a role in preventing obesity before increasing healthcare costs. How can individuals, and society at large, do to lower such costs?

With society promoting a healthy lifestyle with education, individuals will see the importance of having a wholesome diet and daily exercise. Many individuals, including the youth, welcome strategies of programs by employers and organizations when there are benefits and rewards regarding presence of fun and support. If health insurance premiums increase, individuals may feel discouraged to buy healthcare because of reasons, such as their unaffordability. Consequently, raising health insurance premiums does not help in improving the lives of those within our community. Also, individuals should consider raising awareness in communities towards the government to change regulations regarding the causes of obesity within…

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