The Effects Of Obesity On Healthy Eating Habits Essay

1517 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Physical activity has always been heard of. It is on the News, magazines, television, everywhere, that people are not being physically active. Obesity did not raise awareness to this issue because working out or just moving around has always been a solution to a lot of problems today and way back before. It is an important part of conquering this battle. “Increasing physical activity and exercise is an important element of regimens intended to produce weight loss, even though the addition of exercise to a diet program generally does not produce substantially greater weight loss—most weight lost is attributable to decreased caloric intake” ( Physical Activity, Drugs). Getting up is only partially helping, one has to be focused on creating healthy eating habits too. Let’s clear the air, when starting to workout, the focus is not to have bodybuilding goals. Going at your own is a good start with beginners and continuing to do more and more will result in success. Sometimes even this does not work that is why there are alternatives. Every single person has different genetic makeup that makes them unique. With that, losing weight is not the same battle for every single person. Guess that’s the luck of the draw, or determination and work ethic. Even females have more difficult times shedding the extra fat while in most times guys don’t. King Et al. uncovers that during a program that a group of five did enough exercise to burn five hundred calories a day, the results varied. Of…

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