The Effects Of Obesity On Children And Adolescents Essay

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Between sixteen and thirty-three percent of children and adolescents suffer from obesity. Even though obesity is easy to recognize, it is not so easy to treat. Studies show that a child that is obese during the teenage years has an eighty percent chance of being obese as an adult. There are many causes of obesity. These causes include genetic factors, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating patterns. In rare cases, obesity can be caused by a medical issue that a teenager might have. Genetic factors deals with passing a certain gene down to the offspring which makes them more inclined to be obese. However, just because a teenager 's family is obese does not mean they are destined for obesity also. They could just be picking up bad diet and exercise habits from their family, such as eating a whole pizza and playing video games all day instead of eating healthy and playing outside. Another factor would be a lack of physical activity. The average teen spends three to four hours a day watching television. Most high schoolers do not eat a sit down meal with their family every day. They are usually busy with homework until really late at night. Because of this, they usually do not have time to go out for a jog or go to the gym every day. Once they get in the habit of skipping the jog or putting off the gym until tomorrow, they stop going. However, they continue to get fast food and unhealthy food because they are so busy. This adds up to more calories being put into the…

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