The Effects Of Obesity On Children And Health Issues Essay

1228 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
Not everyone can truly be healthy. Even athletes who works out five times a week and follow a strict diet are still prone to diseases and health issues. Normal people like students who are not likely to work out or watch what they’re eating are more likely to have health issue than those who do. Anyone being healthy or not would like to improve an aspect of their health at a point in their life. Being overweight has been my whole life and I’m realizing that my age is getting to the point where being overweight can cause me my life. Being more aware of death, I am more concerned and motivated to look into my health and dissect the negative habits which causes health issue. Many people all over the world are victims of obesity. I believe that obesity as a child is an effect from birth that a child can’t control. As a kid, growing up in my family, we didn’t eat out much. Mostly, the food we consumed is healthy homemade dish of meat, vegetables and fish. Of course my parents was aware of me being overweight and always choose and portioned what I ate. Back in the 90’s, personal technologies was not at its prime so I didn’t have devices like tablets, internet or Netflix. Most of my free time was spent on activities like playing tag, hide and seek, or outside activities which is all physical. Even though knowing my lifestyle as a child wasn’t so bad, I was still overweight. Going into high school, I finally got myself into a school sport. I have never played tennis a single day…

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