The Effects Of Nonrenewable Energy On Human Comprehension Essay

992 Words Nov 10th, 2016 4 Pages
She is mysterious, wise beyond our human comprehension, a true beauty that is unmatched. She provides us with many priceless gifts and doesn’t ask for much in return. Her fragrance, her curves and rolling hills filed with the many trees, niches and everything else that makes life on her possible. The beauty we call Earth is remarkable. Even with all the extraordinary gifts Earth provides us with, we take it for granted. There is not another place in the entire universe we know of that can sustain life. Why do we corrupt the only place that allows us to experience the majesty of life? The many different ecosystems throughout the planet have been tarnished with pollution of the air, water, and land. Our selfishness and lack of concern has led to a path of destruction. We all have the responsibility to take better care of the earth and it starts with the way we use energy. Nonrenewable energy sources destroy the environment. The pollution that we release into the atmosphere has drastically increased the rate of Global Warming. In order to slow down the effects global warming we must be wiser with the ways that we use and produce energy. Over the years we have seen that as an effect of using non-renewable energy sources like coal and fossil fuels levels of pollution rise in the environment. And while using nuclear energy may be better than using sources like coal and other natural gasses, the risk it would implicate is extremely high in the event of the slightest human or…

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