The Effects Of Nitrate On The River Of The Ozarks Essay

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What is in your stream is very important to know. What runs through your streams will eventually run into creeks and then those creeks will run into the lake. In our case we will be testing Cole Camp Creek which runs into the Lake of the Ozarks. So, whatever pollutants that could be in the creek will eventually end up in Lake of the Ozarks. This paper will be telling what those stream pollutants can do to water systems.

Nitrates Nitrate is essential for all living things because it is a protein necessary for life. Now, it may be essential, but, ingesting large amounts through drinking water can be hazardous to small infants and pregnant women. Nitrate is commonly used in plant foods that are mixed with water. And also used for crop production in the form of nitrogen, a fertilizer that one would spread on top of the surface of the field. Nitrate occurs naturally in groundwater, but in such small amounts as to be harmless. Since nitrogen does not have color,odor, or taste it is undetectable without testing. (Oram, no date) Other sources are harder to pinpoint. Other sources may include seepage or runoff from fertilized agricultural properties, refuse dumps, animal feedlots, private sewage disposal systems, decaying plant debris, and urban drainage. Nitrates are non-point sources because they can happen everywhere from urban and rural areas to big cities.(“Nitrates in Drinking Water”) To remove nitrates, the most effective things to do are ion exchanges, reverse…

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