Essay on The Effects Of Music Therapy On The Human Brain

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Based on the article called, history of Music Therapy, it states that music rehabilitation before, during and after surgeries was first known to be used as an alternative painkiller in 1789. The patients are not the only ones who benefit from this. The surgeons use music in their operation rooms to help them settle their nerves. Music treatment is a fascinating knowledge that has been utilized for centuries to alleviate the ways people control most of their daily routine it is incredible the benefits that a pleasant melody can do, for instance listening to a favorite song could slowly decrease pain, anxiety, and depression, another advantage that music can do for the human brain is to stimulate concentration by hearing different types of harmony while studying, working and much more. According to Charlotte the author of Science Nordic found that music can ease long-term pain, such as patients with fibromyalgia whom experienced a reduced amount of discomfort when listening to their preferred song. Moreover, patients that can also benefit from this powerful rhythm are those whom are getting out of surgery, or suffering from migraines. Nevertheless, studies has proven that doctors also benefit from this when they are getting ready to perform surgery, they enjoy playing music while in the operating room to help calm the patients and surgeons as well. An increasing amount of hospitals are selecting music as a substitute to pain relievers. Statistics has been found that music is…

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