The Effects Of Music On The Brain Essay

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Children require a lot of care and attention to help grow and develop. Not just physically but mentally too. Some parents may teach their children the ABCs or colors. But there are other aspects in the world that could affect development as well. Music has been shown to affect not only children when it comes to development, but adults as well. Music can affect many things with humans. Music can drastically improve the brain, cure the body/health, and change behavior.
A musician 's brain is much different than that of an average person. Music impacts the brain in many ways. “In this view, musicianship is not only an exquisite form of knowledge, it is a unique source of one of the most important kinds of knowledge humans can achieve: self-knowledge” (Elliot).
While music may not make a child or person great at math, it affects many other areas of the brain and helps development. A musician’s brain is more symmetrical and some areas of the brain are larger such as the corpus callosum (Nerve fibers that allow the two sides of the brain to communicate with each other) (Alban). Children who were exposed to learning music at home showed greater brain activity than kids who were not. Learning music before the age of ten can actually activate more parts of the brain. The mammalian layer of the brain is important for both music and emotions. Playing music can further advance this area of the brain which leads to improved attention skills, memory, and critical thinking. Listening to a…

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