The Effects Of Music On The Brain Essay examples

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Researchers are always searching for new and creative ways to consider and repair one of our most precious and sensitive organs, the brain. Here we are, in 2016, finding that one of the best solutions after all may also be the one no one was expecting, music therapy. Music therapy is one of the fastest growing fields in this generation, and every year that the programs improve, more lives are saved. There have been many instances where the study of the effect of music in the brain has been deeply observed, but in this particular case it is being looked at in a specific setting; after a stroke has occurred in the right hemisphere of the brain, resulting in major unilateral neglect. In the article “Pleasant music improves visual attention in patients with unilateral neglect after stroke,” the main focus of the study was to test the participants, within one week, on how certain types of music affected certain brain capabilities. The scientists were looking at how each participant would react to music (chosen themselves) that was considered pleasant, unpleasant, and noise. Once their music was chosen, they had to perform a total of four different tests. One of them was a “visual exploration task” while the other three fell into different sub-categories of

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the Behavioral Inattention Test. The results of this study showed that visual attention in the stroke victims was increased with the playing of the pleasant music, even with the various amounts of…

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