Essay on The Effects Of Music On Our Lives

1278 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Mood affects everything we do, how we interact with other people, affects our productivity at work. It also can affects how personal relationships meaning our energy levels. When we are in an angry, sad, or depressed our productivity at work suffers, we don’t feel like working or interacting with other people. Likewise, when we are in a happy mood we are more prone to creativity which help increases our productivity. Music is a past time, a hobby, and a passion. The claim that music can influence a person 's mood makes perfect sense. Music can actually affect a person 's mood and make the individual creative juices start flowing. For example, it can influence the amount of time that one chooses to spend in a mall. Stores that target older shoppers might play elevator type music at a lower volume, while stores that target a younger age group look for more upbeat music played at a higher volume
This can then enhance the shoppers to spend more money in that store. If music didn 't affect a person 's mood, they would play the same music in every store. Music affects different people in different ways either positive or negative. Therefore, music affects everybody and any aspect. Hearing a certain song usually triggers a certain emotion linked to that song. Some of the emotions are derived from personal experiences, others are from daydreams. For example, memories of a time when you had a love one pass away or when individual graduate from high school. All of these specific…

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