Essay about The Effects Of Music On Our Lives

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When we first meet someone we would like to know, we usually start to get to know each other by asking questions like where are you from and what are your hobbies. Numerous people use listening to music as their answers for the second question. If we happen to enjoy same genre or even same artist, then we are more likely to become friends. Indeed, what kind of music a person likes does define this person somehow. From one’s playlists, others are able to roughly infer what kind of emotional state that person is going through. Also, people with similar musical taste usually bond really quick, compared to other kind of interests. More and more aspects of human lives are now involved with music. Music, as a prominent part of people’s daily lives now, plays a vital role in shaping one’s identity. I remember when I was young, I always introduce myself saying that I really enjoy reading. As I grow up, reading seems not be as important as before. Instead of saying reading, I begin to tell everyone that I enjoy listening to music or what kind of music I like. I put my earphones every time I am walking alone or I am alone in my room, basically all the time. I could still hear my mom yelling at me for being on my iPod when we went shopping together and not communicating with her. As Turino explained in his book, “in many cases, we develop habits without much direct awareness of them as habits” (100). The habits of constantly listening to music has changed me, unnoticed. I…

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