The Effects Of Music On Our Culture Essay

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Music has been a part of our culture as early as the 1500’s, and in every culture around the world. So what role does music play in our culture, and how does it affect us? I have found we have used music in our culture for many years, in many different ways such as; advertisements, communication, therapy, relaxation, and learning. Although we have also blamed music for our younger generation’s bad behavior, and crimes. Music is more beneficial to our culture, and has been for a long time. Music has been researched numerous times, for numerous reason.
If we think about it music does contribute to our mood. For instance, if we hear a happy, and upbeat song, or music our mood is the same. It can also alter our mood even if we are in a good mood we may hear a sad song, and then become sad. Drugs have long been associated with particular music. For instance the jazz era of the 1920s and 1930s, this signified a new age in music, dance, and style (Edmondson 370). According to Edmondson’s research the mainstream audiences were unable to fully appreciate the music, because of their failure to embrace the broader cultural aesthetics “set of principles” of jazz, including the drug dimension of the scene. The drug(s) of choice were usually cannabis “a plant used to make physcotropic drugs” or cocaine (Edmonson 370). Beat writers “poetry writers, also slang for beat down” also used heroin, and other drugs they considered them to be the medium for unlocking the kind of creativity they…

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