The Effects Of Music On My Life Essay

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From when I was a young kid, around 2006, to the present day, 2015, there have been many changes and continuities that my life has undergone. My music taste, family, and friends, have all be altered over the years. My music taste was developed through my family, by listening to what they listened too, and my friendships changed my music taste, by letting me see what my peers listened too. Music has always helped my family, and me, get through tough times like when I had to move, and find new friends. When my family made me move, I really developed as a person. All these topics may have changed my life in different ways, but I continue to get through it, and everything has had some positive effects on my life.
One of the more gradual changes that has occurred in my life, is my music taste. Main factors that have contributed to the change, are the social setting, friends I have surrounded myself with, and the strong religious roots that I possessed over the years. The social setting I grew up in, directly affected my music taste. The social setting was a direct result of why I couldn 't listen to rap when I was younger, and why I used to listen to Kidz Bop and rock out to Justin Bieber and One direction. When time passed, and I naturally got new friends, curiosity became bigger than just my parents view on music. In seventh grade, is when I experienced new types of music. One of my friends liked Country, another liked Rock, and everyone liked something else. I began to like…

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