The Effects Of Music On Children 's Youth Essay

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Sometimes, we love a song not only because the melody is beautiful or the lyrics are meaningful but also because it brings us a sense of peace and ease, reminding us of our childhood memories which we sometimes forget in this too busy life. As found in the study of Carol Lynne Krumhansl and Justin Adam Zupnick, “Cascading Reminiscence Bumps in Popular Music”, which is also published as a brief article named “Kids Have Emotional Connections to Parents’ Music” on the “Discover magazine”, music heard during children’s teen years has a great impact on their later lives due to the effect of “reminiscence bump” (the effect in which music during childhood is recognized more often and evokes more autobiographical memories and emotions than music from later in life). According to the study, music can evoke nostalgia and be inherited from generation to generation. Despite some flaws and limits which will be stated below, the study overall is still an effective research with undeniably interesting discovery and convincing database.
As stated, the main purpose of the study is to examine whether music which evokes autobiographical memories varies depending on a specific period of a human’s life, people’s favorable styles of listening to music, or even who they spend time listening to music with. Thus, the study can be seen as a correlational study in which its final target is to discover the relationship between music and humans’ autobiographical memories. At the end of the study,…

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