The Effects Of Music Listening On Stress And Anxiety Levels Essays

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The Influence of Music Listening on Stress and Anxiety Levels Anxiety is essentially the human body’s reaction to an occurrence that causes an individual to feel threatened due to a lack of resources needed in order to achieve a necessary outcome (Merriam-Webster, 2016). It triggers different stress systems throughout the body such as the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamus-pituitary adrenal, effectively causing stress levels to rise (Thoma et al., 2014). A limited amount of stress is beneficial for an individual since it may keep him or her sharp and alert, too much stress could be destructive towards the body’s health. Since an excess amount of stress can be extremely harmful, many different methods of relieving stress exist in our society. Listening to music is a common one since it tends to relax individuals and distract them from their worries, generally lowering their stress and anxiety levels. Cantekin and Tan (2012) conducted a clinical study on the effects of music listening on hemodialysis patients’ stress and anxiety levels. It consisted of 50 hemodialysis patients who were enlisted in an experimental group and given relaxing music throughout their treatment, and another 50 who were placed in a control group and treated in without music. All patients took place in face-to-face interviews throughout their treatment in which their anxiety and stress levels were analyzed. Participants in the experimental group experienced a statistically significant…

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