The Effects Of Music And Media On Society Essay

2395 Words Apr 16th, 2015 null Page
Music and the media are two extremely important things that practically make life how it is today. Multi-million dollar companies and corporations use music to catch the attention of the target audience, and they post signs on the Internet and social media to advertise what they are about. Music and media have come a long way from what they used to be. Older music and advertising used to be censored and have more conservative values, but now the modern day media has more free and outgoing values. With this change though a lot of blame has fallen on media for causing violence. Some people argue that with violent music and movies comes violent behavior of today’s youth. These people do not realize that these kids were violent before they started listening and watching these violent movies and liking the more violent types of music. Music and media do not cause violence because more at risk teens are attracted to violent music, people can’t blame music for other peoples own actions, and it has health benefits that have the opposite effect of violent behavior. One of the only ways to accurately prove that music and media is not the cause to violence in youth and in society is to provide info about the other side of the argument. The American Academy of Pediatrics studies youth and how much they are involved with media. American Pediatricians are worried about how much time kids are occupied with media. Pediatricians are concerned about violent and suggestive messages…

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