Essay on The Effects Of Multiple Failures Of Society

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Every year millions of people in developing countries die because of a limited access to medical care and the lack of knowledge of basic hygiene. Though this problem is evident and well known why is no one able to do anything? Health problems turn out to be only the surface problem, but when one looks deeper at these countries social and economically status, many bigger problems are revealed. A lack of education, very low yearly income, scarcity of food and clean water and insufficient number of hospitals and absence of infrastructure within. Before people can start worrying about their personal health, these everyday problems must be removed. Many debates have argued why there is a lack of good health, high mortality rate among infants and absence of basic medical care in many developing countries. Turns out that poor health among citizens is not the cause for all their other problems but actually is the effect of multiple failures of society, one being a lack infrastructure and resources. A study done by the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California and the National Hospital of Pediatrics “interviewed 198 parent whose infant was hospitalized within the first month of life in Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam, asking about perceived barriers to obtaining newborn care”. (Barriers to neonatal care) It was discovered from this study that although newborn care is accessible “39% reported that hospitals are too distant; almost 20% did not know where to obtain…

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